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Tennis Rules & Guidelines
Activity on Spring Tennis Teams For SARC Members Not Renewing Their Membership

USTA spring tennis season begins in February and, depending on scheduling, can continue regular season play into May. The SARC Club year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31. Due to the overlapping timeframes and acknowledging the policy that non-SARC members are not permitted to be a player on a SARC Tennis Team, the following policy was developed by the SARC Tennis Committee and approved by the SARC Board:

Beginning with the 2014-15 SARC Club year, any SARC member who does not renew their Club membership at the conclusion of the 2013-14 Club year or thereafter, thus becoming an inactive member of the Club, will be permitted to continue as a member of the spring SARC Tennis team only after agreeing to the following requirements:

  • Submittal of a $50 fee for use of the SARC tennis facilities from April 1 until the completion of the team season (including any post-season play should the team succeed to such a level);
  • Acknowledgment that this temporary extension allows use of the SARC Tennis facilities only during scheduled team practice and/or matches and for no other purpose; and
  • Surrender of any exterior gate entrance key, as all inactive members are required to do.

The inactive member shall obtain entry to SARC facilities only upon accompaniment of an active SARC tennis team member.

Should the inactive member decide not to opt for this temporary extension to permit tennis play/practice only when the team has a scheduled practice or match at the SARC facility, the inactive member shall be removed from the team for any matches/practices after their membership has become inactive, after March 31.

Tennis Rules
  • Tennis shoes and shirts are required. 
  • Team matches, tournaments, group lessons and special events sponsored by the Club will have priority on the courts as noted on the tennis calendar on the website and also in print on the tennis bulletin board.
  • When at all possible, one court will always be considered ‘open’ for recreational use and not
    scheduled/reserved for team play, lessons or other reserved purposes. This is court #4, for the ball machine.
  • Court reservations can be made for SARC sponsored teams for their practices and home matches through the Tennis Coordinator. Practices will be limited to 2 courts once per week. Scheduling priority is: league matches, scheduled classes, make-up matches, team practices, drop in classes, private lessons.
  • Courts can be reserved one day in advance for recreational play.  Please reference the tennis calendar and appropriately reserve a court on the website.  Please check tennis calendar for lesson and match schedules.
  • Play is limited to one and one half hours.  Please “bump” with courtesy.
  • Lights are available for night time playing.  There is a metal box near the deck for Courts 1, 2 and 3 and another metal box outside gate by court #4 for courts 4, 5 and 6.  Press the green button for lights to turn on and press the red “off” button when leaving. 
  • No in-line skating, roller skates, skateboards, bicycles or ball games of other types are allowed on the tennis courts or on the sidewalks around the courts.
  • One nonmember guest is allowed per member per court play.  
SARC Champion Team Expectations/Metal Signage Guidelines
  • Established as a policy as of Summer Season 2011, the SARC Tennis Budget monies will not be utilized to offset the cost of SARC tennis teams who have achieved the invitation to attend any higher level championship competition.
  • Established as a policy as of Summer Season 2011, all metal signage purchased by the SARC Tennis Budget monies will be only provided for teams achieving Regional/Section/or City Champion, first place level (ie. Winner of the local playoff at #1 position). No signage will be purchased for runner?up or wild card achievements.
Tennis Policies and Procedures

Ball Machine

A ball machine is available for adult member use and youth age 15 and over.  Younger children may use accompanied by an adult.  The machine is to be used on court 4 only.

Please contact Lauren King for a quick tutorial on the care and use of the machine before first use.

Outside Coaches

The SARC Tennis Committee has considered the needs and allowance for growth of the tennis program and determined that tennis coaches who are not affiliated with SARC will be allowed to conduct private/semi-private lessons on the SARC property under the following conditions:

  1. All members desiring the services of an outside coach shall identify the coach to the Tennis Coordinator in writing and undertake to guide the coach through this process.
  2. Prior to teaching any lessons at SARC, all outside coaches wishing to provide lessons at SARC must submit certificates of insurance demonstrating existing insurance coverage for general liability, molestation and, where appropriate, workers compensation to the Tennis Coordinator which, in turn, will be given to SARC board President. The insurance certificates shall name “The Springdale Recreation Club, Inc.” as an additional insured and shall not be subject to cancellation without thirty (30) days’ written notice to SARC. SARC’s physical address is 9001 Leesville Road, Raleigh, NC 27613.
  3. In addition, all outside coaches wishing to provide lessons at SARC must submit a copy of their driver’s license and provide their social security number and current address to the Tennis Coordinator to permit the performance of a background check. The SARC board will complete the review the documents and complete the background check as promptly as possible. Once approved and on record, this information will remain active for up to one year by SARC provided all insurance coverage remains in place. SARC reserves the right to terminate the permissions granted through this process at any time for any or no reason.
  4. Once the above steps are complete, either the sponsoring member(s) or the outside coach shall communicate a desired lesson time with the SARC Tennis Chair, and receive an acknowledgment from same, at least 24 hours in advance of requested lesson time.
  5. SARC sponsored events (socials, lessons, team matches, tournaments and calendar events) have court priority.
  6. Reservations for courts will follow the established process. Any open recreation court can be utilized following the sign-in process by member.
  7. Outside lessons are limited to no more than four (4) people (including guests according to guest policy) and can use no more than one tennis court.
  8. The outside coach (or member) shall pay a $10 fee per hour for each lesson. The sponsoring member(s) is/are responsible for this requirement. Payment may be made in advance and given to the Tennis Coordinator or submitted at time of lesson by placing in the mail slot at the Pro Shop.
  9. Outside coaches shall be escorted on and off the SARC premises by their sponsoring member(s) and shall not remain on the premises without their sponsoring member(s).
  10. Outside coaches will need to supply all necessary equipment for their lessons and clean-up after each lesson.
  11. By requesting permission to provide lessons at SARC, all outside coaches acknowledge and agree that they will not solicit or advertise their services, products or gear to others while on SARC’s premises.
  12. Outside coaches wishing to establish a more formal relationship at SARC will need to coordinate with the SARC Head Tennis Pro and Tennis Coordinator.

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